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What do you need to enter to Mexico?
It is mandatory for all United States Citizens and Canadians to have a valid passport to entry to Mexico. No exceptions apply.

The currency is Mexican Pesos however you will find most of the commerce do accept USD currency, the exchange rate will be always better if you use a bank directly, you will find ATM’s at most any commercial areas in both downtown areas, this expedite Mexican currency and in some cases USD currency.

Drinking water
Due to the high level of quality at most establishments in the area they are required to use purified water, however we encourage you to always use bottled water for consumption at your hotel or Restaurants.

Weather in Cabo
The weather average fluctuates in the 80-90’s with an average of over 350 sunny days, as desert environment (Dec-Apr) we might have cold days to get lows 60’s at evening, we suggest you to be prepared to bring a long sleeve jacket or warm shawl if you are having any outdoor activity.

Casual attire is required at most places in Cabo, most of Restaurants do not allow tank tops, shorts or beach sandals.

Our time
Pacific Mountain Time

Driving and traffic in Cabo
In Los Cabos you must use your right lane at all times, the left lane is our high speed, we encourage you to remain in the right lane and only use your left when passing. In general most US traffic signs and regulations remain the same.

Legal drinking age
You must be 18 years. Valid I.D. is required.

The language in Cabo is Spanish although most of the population is related to the tourism services so we are fluent in English.

Destination Information


Ecological Tours – 4X4 Desert Safari
Enter into the heart of the Baja Peninsula desert and visit remote hidden villages and farms that only our knowledgeable guides – instructed by regional natives – know how to find.

Fishing Tours and Tournaments
Los Cabos is well known for its excellent year ‘round deep-sea fishing, one of the most popular activities in Baja. Los Cabos has won the reputation of being considered “The Marlin Capital of the World”.

Private Snorkeling and Sunset Cruises
The Sea of Cortez is considered the biggest aquarium in the world. Los Cabos is strategically located at the tip of the Baja South Peninsula, in the Sea of Cortez, allowing us a wide variety of water activities.

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